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warrior tradition & perspective

I created 'the alchemical path' out of deep respect and reverence for the powerful warrior traditions, teachings, and lineage of wisdom holders, that have preserved these practices for thousands of years. I strive to honorably and mindfully share this ancient tradition of self-care with the world, to support the warrior that lives within each and every one of us.

Our nervous system contains the wisdom of our life experiences. When the nervous system is strong and healthy, it is adaptable and we can digest food, emotions, information, and experiences easily. When the nervous system is overloaded, stressed, and compromised, we become overly vulnerable to our environment, and can experience chronic stress and major disruptions in our health. Ancient Warriors knew that possessing the sharpest reflexes and having a keen ability to process and digest emotions and experiences, was vital to survival. Conditioning the nervous system to promote alertness and improve the capacity to take on pressure prior to battle was just as important as pulling stress out of the nervous system post battle.

Ancient Warriors were masterful at self care because they had to be. Their core mission and function in society was to provide protection from threats to peace. Their brains, bellies, and bodies, needed to work flawlessly in order to fulfill their task. They were also the most at risk of enduring injury and trauma to their brains, bellies, and bodies due to battle. The practices and philosophies that are offered here are rooted in the traditions that the ancient warriors of India relied on for protection, balance, and strength.

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meet katie
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I combine the wisdom of my experience with the knowledge of the healing systems that I study to offer holistic support with a focus on embodiment. As a student of life I value the ongoing process of learning, evolving, and growing and I am always exploring new and creative ways to share what I learn with others.

I have been working in the wellness space since 2011. I grew up navigating my own chronic health challenges from an early age which led me on an unconventional path exploring holistic and integrative healing.

Along my self-healing journey I obtained my bachelors degree in Social Work and became a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, and energy medicine practitioner. Then through a 7.5 year apprenticeship I became a warrior Ayurveda and Marma specialist. I am also a singer/songwriter with a passion for using music as medicine.

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education & training

Since 2010, I have worked, studied, practiced and apprenticed in the healing arts. I received extensive (10,000+ hrs) field practice and training in a tribal warrior tradition of Ayurveda (ancient science of metabolism), Marma Chikitsa (acupressure), and pranic healing in America and India. I have conducted workshops, lectures, mentorships, and supported private clients, in NY, Los Angeles, Northern California, Oregon and internationally. 

  • Bachelors degree in Social Work, University of Vermont

  • Healing Touch (Energy Medicine) Level 1& 2, Vermont 

  • Yoga 200 RYT, Vermont 

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 of Usui Reiki, NY

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