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let's talk about boundaries

fear of losing connection seemed to be at the root of my relationship to boundaries. I often found myself relating to food, substances, people, my environment etc. with the 'all or nothing' approach. I lived in extremes & paid the cost.

the true turning point for me came when I began to seriously study & practice embodiment. I realized that at the root of my fear of losing connection with something outside of me, was the early loss of connection to myself.

on the journey to reconnect with myself I began to learn the language of my body & decided to listen. by learning to listen to my body’s wisdom, clarity arrived & I learned to recognize my limits. the way I related to everything began to shift.

#boundaries #mentalhealth #embodiment #wellness #brainbellybody #harmonizeyourhealth #honoryourself #knowyourself #evolve #transform #change #grow

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