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Marma Chikitsa: Awareness Therapy

Marma was used by warriors in India to condition and strengthen the nervous system and relieve the nervous system of stress to restore homeostasis, so that they could perform perfectly on the battlefield. Marma was also used as a martial art to bring down the warriors’ opponents as well.

The benefits of this healing modality still awe and amaze me after all these years. While observing and practicing this modality, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that the nervous system and stress are vital to address especially for anyone dealing with chronic illness or pain.

By applying pressure to each point for 9 seconds, the nerve ending that you apply pressure to, which is correlated to an organ or system, sends a message to the pituitary gland. This makes your system aware of itself. Then the pituitary gland signals the body to restore balance and homeostasis in association with the corresponding body part, organ or system.

Below is a Marma Map that you can use to press your own pressure points. PLEASE Avoid pressing pressure points directly after a meal, on a completely empty stomach, after taking any type of intoxication and especially avoid pressing these points while pregnant (only a professional should direct use of these pressure points during pregnancy).

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