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medicinal music

Expression is vital to the health of the brain, belly, and body. When we express ourselves creatively we actively transmute our emotions, feelings, and stresses into art. Expression and creativity allows us to process, integrate, and heal.

I often joke that I used to sing before I could speak. Sound has been a meaningful part of my life since I could remember. I used to say singing was my therapy. When we sing and speak we merge breath and sound together to create vibrations that can stimulate the endocrine glands and support our hormonal health. Our bodies truly are instruments of healing and art.

Music is not only healing when we sing or play an instrument, but listening to music can be healing as well. Sound, frequency, and vibration can be powerful tools to calm and stimulate the nervous system. Not to mention, music can inspire us to dance and organically move our bodies.

I am excited to begin to blend my healing and musicality together to create new offerings, and share my music with all of you.

Check out my services to learn about medicinal music meditation sessions and if you are ready to dance check out this new song "What Really Matters" by Child Of that I am featured in by clicking on this link. I am super proud of this song and excited to share my message through music!

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