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The Magic of Cold Compresses

One of the oldest tricks in the book is the cool or cold compress. Find out new ways to use this technique!

Using a towel that is lightly run under cool or cold water and placing it on various areas of the body is an old technique to reduce body temperature and inflammation. The cool compress is an amazing, easy tool for post workout cool downs.

After a work out if you can find a place at the gym or at home it can be beneficial to lay on your back and place a cool compress on your abdomen and forehead for at least 5-10 minutes. The compress will get warm from your body temperature, as it is pulling excess heat out of your body, so when it does just simply lift the compress and wave it in the air to make it cool again and place it back on your body. This technique may seem benign but it is extremely effective at releasing excess heat and inflammation created from lactic acid build up during workouts.

Another great time to use the cool compress is after you've been in the sun or feel overheated or nauseous. Again, using the compress at these times can relieve the body of excess heat and inflammation.

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