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Savasana: Underrated & Powerful, Yoga's best kept secret

Savasana, or "corpse" pose is an incredible tool for strengthening and relaxing the nervous system. Most of us only do this pose and often rush it at the end of a yoga class but this pose truly stands alone and has the benefits to back it.

It isn't so easy to lay still on our backs that is why many of us sleep on our sides and bellies. But something magical happens when we practice laying in corpse pose. The spine lengthens and releases, and our nervous system can enjoy deep and restorative rest. After a workout or exercise laying in savasana helps our body, muscles and nervous system register what we just performed and lets all our hard work lock into place.

If you have a challenging time sitting up to meditate this is a creative way to receive the benefits of meditation but laying down which is more comfortable for most. Sometimes I call this the "drop your body" meditation. I aim for 20 minutes but even as little as 5 minutes can restore and rebalance your body and mind. Sometimes I listen to binaural beats with headphones on, or play soft music and put an eye mask on to deepen the benefits of this relaxed state.

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