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void fatigue

I describe ‘the void’ as the ‘vast unknown’ or the ‘in between.’ the truth is we all live with the unknown everyday. even when life is seemingly ‘figured out,’ the unknown is always there in the background. typically after a big loss, transition, or change, the unknown that lingered in the background becomes front and center.

the void has been my dwelling place for the last 5 years and has been a great teacher to me.

I have learned that it’s okay to not know why you are tired or why you feel a bit off. it’s okay to not know what’s coming next and to have big feelings about it.

here are some of my favorite ways to process void fatigue & hang with void energy:

1. my infrared heating pad from @higherdose - make horizontal living work for you. laying on my infrared heating pad soothes my nervous system, grounds me, and increases circulation and blood flow.

2. my @taylorguitars GSmini is my trusted void companion. void fatigue can get me kind of down or too much in my head. Learning an instrument, singing, and writing music has been incredible to process my feelings, rewire my brain, and supports my nervous system in a big way.

3. my @healyworldofficial has become my new favorite void fatigue tool - it’s basically a portable frequency device that supports the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies.

4. void fatigue mindset reframe: ‘the unknown is full of possibility’ - when we think of the unknown it’s easy to see nothing or feel emptiness. when I am in deep void fatigue I use the mantra above to remind myself that not knowing what’s around the corner isn’t a bad thing, anything could happen, especially the good stuff!

having a safe container to navigate life transitions can be incredibly supportive. If you are seeking support check the link in bio to learn about my services🦋


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