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warrior wisdom

unravel & reweave

When we resolve our internal blocks, our body naturally finds its way to homeostasis, allowing us to embody our innate nature and develop more harmonious relationships with ourselves, others, & the world around us.


Marma is an ancient martial art acupressure modality from India. The Marma acupressure points are hidden within the body and act as secret doorways, that when stimulated properly, unlock physiological, mental, emotional, and energetic blockages.


The ancient warriors of India used the martial application of these vital pressure points to defeat their opponents. The healing application of Marma was used prior to battle to sharpen discernment, reflexes, intuition, and mental acuity, and post battle to restore balance, promote healing, and reduce potential embedded trauma and chronic conditions. 


Marma aids in unwinding and unraveling stress from the nervous system while simultaneously allowing us to reweave and reprogram it. 

Here are a few benefits of stimulating Marma acupressure points:

  • increase circulation and bio electric current

  • engage the body's inbuilt process of eliminating toxins 

  • enhance neuroplasticity 

  • reduce stress 

  • strengthen the nervous system

  • aid in pain relief

  • support immune, hormonal and digestive health

marma maps

Inhale in, and as you exhale, using your thumb, hand, or fingers, gently apply pressure to the desired Marma point. Taking 3-6 deep inhales and exhales, you can use each exhale to gently apply more pressure. On the last exhale, release the pressure and gently rub the point. To learn more about how & when to press pressure points click here.

beginners guide

The guide below is intended to support you in discerning how, when and which Marma acupressure points to press. 

  • soothe anxiety - solar plexus, thymus, stomach

  • hormonal support - ovaries/testes, bladder, sex organs, prostate/urethra, pituitary, pineal, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid

  • digestive support - liver, gallbladder, stomach, thyroid, pancreas

  • support elimination (ease constipation/loose motion) - rectum, colon, intestine, liver, gallbladder

  • ease sinus congestion - sinus, lymph glands, ears, eyes 

  • immune support - lymph glands, spleen, heart, solar plexus

  • inspire energy - energy, adrenals, solar plexus, pituitary

  • ease sadness - heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys

  • temper anger/frustration - liver, gallbladder, bladder

  • lymph support - kidneys, bladder, lymph glands, thymus

  • ease grief - lungs, spleen, heart, liver

  • support respiratory system & open communication - lungs, heart, thymus, throat, solar plexus 

  • calm fear - bladder, kidneys, adrenals, solar plexus, liver

  • inspire courage - kidneys, solar plexus, liver, adrenal

  • encourage detoxification - liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, rectum

  • inspire focus/clarity - brain, pituitary, liver, energy, adrenals

  • sharpen intuition/discernment/decision making - solar plexus, liver, stomach, pineal 

  • soothe headache - liver, pituitary, pineal, adrenals, thyroid, brain, sinus, gallbladder, pituitary

  • inspire joy - heart, lungs, thymus

  • encourage sleep - solar plexus, central nerve, pituitary, brain, spine, pineal, head nerves

  • inspire will power - solar plexus, pituitary, stomach, liver

  • support breaking habits - pituitary, liver, solar plexus, pineal, adrenals, mental nerves, brain

press points

proximity relief & support

You can also press Marma points nearby to an area of the body that you want to bring healing to. For example, you use your hands a lot for work and your thumbs get sore, you can press the thyroid or other points around the thumb to increase circulation and promote healing in this area.

embodiment & decision making

Marma points can be pressed to shift your awareness from mind (thought) to body (feeling).  You can press any Marma point as a practice to center yourself, go within, and connect with your body's wisdom. When we press a Marma point and shift from thought to feeling, we can build self trust, integrate our experiences better, optimally digest and process information, and we can make more embodied decisions.

emotional balancing & blockages

Similar to reflexology and other healing modalities, the organs and systems are associated with specific emotions so you can press them to release emotional blockages as well. For example, a friend cancelled on you last minute and you are feeling disappointed, you can press the spleen point which is often correlated to excitement and disappointment. 

preventative health

You can press Marma points preventatively. For example, the flu is going around so you press the immune, lung, and liver points to strengthen the immune system.

soothe in the moment

If you have a specific organ or system of the body that you want to support you can press the correlating point. For example, you are experiencing an upset stomach, you can press the stomach point.

How does Marma acupressure work?

Marma is similar to reflexology in the way that you can press a Marma point on your hands, feet, or face that correlates to an organ or system in a different part of the body. By applying pressure to these vital points you are sending a message via the nervous system to the pituitary gland in the brain. The pituitary gland receives the message and becomes aware of the status of the correlating organ or system that you pressed. The pituitary gland will then respond to the message by sending messages to the correct organs or systems of the body to engage in whatever actions are necessary to tend to the imbalance and restore homeostasis. When you press Marma points you are clearing and opening up the channels of communication within your body and nervous system.

How do you press and activate Marma acupressure points?

Inhale in, and as you exhale, using your thumb, hand, or fingers, gently apply pressure the desired Marma acupressure point. Taking 3-6 deep inhales and exhales, you can use each exhale to gently apply more pressure. On the last exhale, release the pressure and gently rub the point.

When should you NOT press Marma acupressure points?

You should avoid pressing Marma points when using any form of intoxication, when experiencing low blood sugar, on a super empty or full stomach (best to wait at least 1 hour after eating), and during pregnancy (only professional practitioners should administer during pregnancy). If you have a medical condition or are concerned about how acupressure may affect you, please seek the advice of a trusted Medical professional.  

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