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wear your self-care

Keie self-care jewelry is an acupressure tool disguised as fashionable jewelry. Follow our accompanying guide below to show you how to use Keie jewelry as an acupressure tool. Wearing Keie is a beautiful and subtle reminder to incorporate daily self-care practices with ease. 

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keie pyramid pendants & rings are currently out of stock. click the button below to join the waitlist. 

metal benefits guide

benefits of wearing brass:

  • antimicrobial

  • antibacterial

  • supports body's natural detoxification

benefits of wearing silver:

  • antimicrobial & hypoallergenic

  • regulates body temperature and circulation 

  • supports mental focus

  • boosts energy and immune function

  • protects against electromagnetic radiation

  • increases blood vessel elasticity supporting bone formation and wound healing

benefits of wearing gold:

  • antimicrobial & antibacterial

  • regulates body temperature

  • boosts immunity

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • improves blood flow, oxygen distribution in the bloodstream and circulation

  • supports endocrine and nervous system health

  • supports wound healing

marma maps

To use Keie jewelry, place the peak in the center of the pyramid onto the desired pressure point. Inhale in, and as you exhale, using your thumb, hand, or fingers, gently apply pressure to the back of the pyramid. Taking 3-6 deep inhales and exhales, you can use each exhale to gently apply more pressure. On the last exhale, release the pressure and gently rub the point.


Are Keie products sustainable and eco-conscious?

Keie aims to be as sustainable as possible. All metals used to create Keie pendants and rings are high quality recycled metals. All packaging materials are recyclable and plastic-free. The organic muslin cotton pouch and glass jar that your jewelry arrives in are both intended to be reused or repurposed. The envelope the Keie guide cards come in is made from recycled paper and the Keie guide cards are meant to be kept and used, or can be recycled. We are always striving to do better, and source the most high quality, conscious materials to create and deliver a product we can be proud of.

How do I care for brass?

Sweat, moisture, oils, and soaps can cause brass and occasionally sterling silver jewelry to tarnish, so it is ideal to avoid getting brass wet. If your brass jewelry gets tarnished with wear over time, you can cleanse your brass pieces with a mixture of lemon juice and a touch of baking soda to restore to original shine. Be gentle when removing the lemon juice & baking soda mixture as to not scratch the brass jewelry. 

What about metal sensitivities?

If you have sensitive skin or sensitivities to metal, it is important to note that silver is preferable to brass because it is hypoallergenic, and that gold is the safest of all three metals for people with metal sensitivities.

What is the significance of the pyramid?

The pyramid symbolizes power, strength, empowerment, transformation, and integration. The pyramid shape is said to act as a filter, with the ability to cleanse and purify any energy that interacts with it. The shape of the pyramid is also known to produce negative ions which can harmonize our bodies' electromagnetic field. Pyramids have been known for their ability to connect the earth to higher consciousness. The pyramid shape was also frequently found in the acupressure tools that I used during my Marma acupressure training. 

How is Keie jewelry made?

Each piece of Keie jewelry is handmade in Vermont, and no two pieces are exactly the same. Each piece is energetically cleared. After clearing, Keie jewelry is individually charged with Reiki and healing vocal sound vibrations to attune each piece to the vibrations of protection, love, and harmony. 

What is the story behind Keie jewelry?

Keie self-care jewelry bridges fashion and wellness by making self-care wearable, easy, empowering, and beautiful. After years of working with thousands of clients and educating people with self-care tools, I observed that the two most common barriers to taking care of ourselves is we simply forget or we don't feel like we have time. It has become my mission to create simple solutions to remind us to take care of ourselves anywhere, anytime. I couldn't think of a better or more fashionable reminder than jewelry - something that can be worn every day, and something we innately touch and play around with. One day I thought, "Why shouldn't the pendant I wear have a purpose?"

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In a world where we place immense value on the mind, we often neglect the body. Wearable self-care enables us to seamlessly integrate self-care practices into our lives, with products that we already use or wear, without expending additional effort or brain space. Keie jewelry serves as a constant and wearable reminder that by attending to our bodies, we can improve our mental, emotional, and physical health.

The design, concept, and creation of Keie self-care jewelry was inspired by an ancient martial art acupressure modality from India, called Marma. The ancient warriors of India were masterful at self-care because their bodies were their livelihood and their survival depended on maintaining optimal health. Keie jewelry was created out of deep respect and reverence for the powerful warrior traditions, teachings, and lineage of wisdom holders, that have preserved these practices for thousands of years. 

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