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my journey

let your challenges transform you

I often joke that I sang before I spoke. Music and sound have been my therapy and my solace since I could remember. I was involved in community musical theatre from 6 years old, led a student run a cappella group in high school, and studied voice 1:1 with talented teachers throughout my teens and early adulthood.


I also grew up with chronic undiagnosed digestive and reproductive pain, a sensitive immune system, persistent anxiety and bouts of depression. When conventional healthcare failed to lend relief, I coped with the pain through self destructive behavior leading to a serious eating disorder, unhealthy relationships, and substance misuse. When I turned 20, these negative coping mechanisms caught up with me. It was obvious that these behaviors were causing me more pain and that I needed to "change my tune."

It was at this time that I started seeking alternative healing modalities to manage my physical pain and mental health. In 2011, my desire to heal myself naturally, landed me in a rare apprenticeship to learn a tribal warrior tradition of Ayurveda (ancient science of life and longevity) and Marma Chikitsa (acupressure therapy). During my training, it was imparted to me that each Marma pressure point on the body was associated with a note/sound/frequency. By pressing these vital points, any dissonance in the nervous system could be restored to resonance, creating harmony in the brain, belly, and body.

Although I found some relief and healthier ways to cope, by 2017, I still had no diagnosis and I continued to experience imbalances and pain. I was finally surgically diagnosed with Endometriosis, Intersticial Cystitis and ovarian cysts. This diagnosis inspired me to find healing in new ways. I began to dig deeper into my roots - mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically - to draw clearer connections about how my health was impacted by my experiences, environment, ancestry, relationships, thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.


Through my multifaceted approach to healing with an emphasis on embodiment work, I found relief from chronic pain and freedom from self-destructive coping strategiesAs I continue growing and learning on my healing journey, my work becomes informed by my experiences and my ability to help others expands. 

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