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Chakra Exercises

This movement practice strengthens the core and spine, balances the pituitary & pineal gland (endocrine/hormonal system), and detoxes stress from the nervous system. When you come to a center position with the legs and chest you inhale through the nose, when your body goes to one side you exhale through the nose, you can do it faster than I show it in the video but when starting out it is good to go slowly and increase speed with your comfort. When you inhale and are centered you can find a spot on the wall (sitting 3) and on the ceiling (laying down 3) and try to focus on that spot when you come back to center. When you turn to either side your gaze is over the shoulder towards the heel of the foot. This close/far/close/far gaze practice helps to balance the pituitary gland/endocrine system.

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