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Warrior Belly Massage

Ancient warriors used self-massage techniques to release triggers from the nervous system that they accumulated in war. When these triggers were released, the warriors would have optimal reflexes and health to re-enter battle. Incorporate this self-care practice into your daily routine that has stood the test of time.

Warrior Belly Massage

As demonstrated in the video above, massaging the pressure points around the abdomen can help release stress from the muscles and nerves, improve blood flow, and increase bio electric current in the digestive system. Since the stomach muscles and back muscles are connected, when massaging and releasing the abdomen, the back muscles also get relief making this exercise helpful for people experiencing back pain.

This massage technique is sometimes called "Nabhi" Massage and is derived from a tribal warrior tradition of Marma Therapy. Marma is an acupressure therapy from India that releases stress and triggers from the nervous system which assists in restoring the body's innate sense of homeostasis.

My Warrior Marma teacher in India believes that this belly massage practice is one of the most vital to optimal health. By releasing stress and memory trapped in the nervous system, especially in our abdomens and particularly around and inside the belly button, we are not just improving our physical health but also increasing our capacity to digest food, experiences and emotions.

Since our digestive health is highly linked to our hormonal health and our mental/emotional state, a simple 5-10 minutes of belly massage daily can balance the brain, belly and body.


Best to massage on a relatively empty stomach and ideal to avoid massage after eating and/or while menstruating. Please avoid acupressure if you are pregnant (unless you are trained), and avoid after any form of intoxication.

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